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Bookzilla Review: Opposite of Always

“Opposite of Always”

Author: Justin A Reynolds

5/5 stars

I’m not even gone lie to y’all….. Yeah I said y’all I’m a country girl from Oklahoma I’ve learned to embrace it so you will be seeing that word frequently. Anywho, I’m not even gone lie to y’all, when I first started listening to this book I kinda had that mehhh feeling. If you’ve ever seen the emoji movie then you know exactly what I’m talking about. I decided to continue to listen because I have a horrible habit of not giving chances to slow beginnings and a youtuber I frequently watch, page named Left of Read,  hyped it up and gave it a good review so I felt like it had to be some type of interesting. I have to say that I am oh so glad I made that decision because this book was just as the youtuber said it will be and more!

To give a brief synopsis, this was a love story about a young man named Jack who is a high school senior that goes to a party and meets a college girl named Kate. The book then goes into how Jack navigates his personal life and his relationship with Kate; going through great lengths to try to find a balance of the two and doing it in a heroic way. But there’s a twist… something unfortunate happens and Jack then is drawn back to the day he met Kate and gets a chance to relive the moments leading up to said unfortunate event. This goes on a few times in the book until Jack does what he needs to do in order to get out of the time loop. 

I loved every ounce of this story. The relationship he had with his friends was so pleasant. Even when there was trouble between them you could tell how important the friendships are to each character. The relationship he had with his parents filled me with so much joy because it displayed an African American child being raised in a healthy environment by not one but two loving parents. And the parents, they were so in love and opening displayed it in a way that I would dream of. With such bad stigma surrounding the African American family dynamic, not only in books but on television and news media as well, this book definitely was a breath of fresh air. Reading this story, I legit felt like I would want this type of life.

Even with the story being a time loop it didn’t feel like I was reading the same story over and over. The author did a great job in making each attempt different than others with different outcomes which made me want to keep reading to see what was going to happen next.

Basically this was a great story with a great flow! Definitely recommend you put this YA read on your TBR.

Opposite of Always

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