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Bookzilla Review: Open Season

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

Gloria Steinem

Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People by Ben Crump

5/5 stars

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this masterpiece is Gloria Steinem’s quote above. That is exactly what attorney Ben Crump did for me with this book.

I felt the feeling of happiness, well I’ll say a good deep sigh, knowing that in this one book most of the “headline” stories of injustice were all together for me to get a more in depth understanding of what really went on with each situation, and also to get the insight of a person working within the justice system on topics that impact my community, my family, and me.

In “Open Season”, Crump begins by breaking down the police injustices from the first case I associated him with, which was Travon Martin, to Michael Brown, Philando Castille, and Tamar Rice just to name a few. The author then starts to go in depth about how things shifted from slavery to systematic discrimination to keep people of color oppressed. He thoroughly analyzes different laws that were made, as well as laws currently being made, and also judicial sentencing decisions that are showing favor to people that are not of color over the ones that are. Crump goes through ID laws as well as absentee voting issues as it regards to voter suppression against minorities. He even engages in the facts of environmental racism; how suburbs and ghettos transpired, waste dumping, as well as different oil companies and their part in polluting areas highly populated by people of color; supporting everything presented with research and proven statistics. Crump then proceeds to give 12 suggestions of how these issues could be resolved and how to possibly move forward.

I enjoyed this because it was very informative yet easy to read. I love how with each case he goes behind the surface of the story, because of course, we all know that much from the news media outlets. But to have someone give you the outside of the box, or shall I say, the deeper meaning of what went on at the time is eye opening. A great deal of what he was talking about in the book I didn’t even know happened in the past that ultimately transitioned us into the environment we are now living in. It definitely had me feeling a type of way. At times I had to take a break from reading it because it made me sad, angry, and embarrassed at the same time. Like WOOOOOW….. this is the country I am supposed to be so proud to represent. How Sway?!?!

Anywho, the thing I loved most is that he did not only go through what has happened and what is happening to cause oppression and just send us on our way. Crump took the initiative to give us 12 “personal action steps” to take in order for us to move forward and create a perfect union as a nation. Not only is he giving us readers the bad and the ugly, but also the good; the hope that things could be better and will be if we actually took effort to reform things. 

Very informative, entrancing, astonishing masterpiece. This book will definitely be a part of history. I HIGHLY recommend you read this one!!! 

Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People

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