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Bookzilla Review: Who Killed My Husband

Author: Michelle Stimpson

Alright, so first let me say, black girl with natural curly hair on the cover…. I STAN!!!!

Anywho, lately I have been having this urge to read a great mystery story. Of course I found plenty options because we all know there are thousands upon thousands of amazing suspense genre authors around the world. But, of course me being curious, I wanted to find a mystery written by a black author simply because I feel like the popular books written by black authors that are out now have to either do with romance or some type of fantasy fiction. So upon my google search for mysteries written by black authors, I stumbled on this gem that Michelle Stimpson put together.

This book tells a story about a married couple, Ashley and Allen, who is going through a rough patch in their marriage. They agree for Allen to go to a church men’s retreat in an attempt to better their marriage but as the title ensues Allen does not return home. The story goes through page turning plot twists getting to the conclusion of who committed murder. 

I love the strong spiritual presence in this book. I have been going through what some may call a “spiritual awakening” and have been looking for books that tell stories of people leaning on their spiritual beliefs. So you can imagine my excitement finding out this was the type of book I have so long been searching for. I love how in the story Ashley has a close friend that she can lean on and who is there to remind her of her spiritual beliefs. Now I don’t know about you, but for me that is a vital relationship to have in life in order to stay grounded and unbiased so having that in this book made for an even more pleasant read.

 I love how this story kept me in wonder enough to keep reading and keep reading until I got to the end. Even though this was a short story all the different plot twists and theories flowed so well and kept my interest. 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

I have now followed her and the recommended authors that write stories similar to the everyday person going through life having to lean on spiritual beliefs to get through the situation.I will be reviewing a few of those as well. If you have any similar book suggestions please feel free to send them my way.

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