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Bookzilla Review- Holiday Edition: A Very Merry Romance by Brenda Jackson

5/5 stars

Tis the season, Tis the season, Tis the mother-lovin season for spreading love and receiving love. Some of you may be blessed to share the joy of the holidays with a significant other, while others, like myself, are lone wolves on the sideline watching from a distance.

So in an attempt to lift my holiday spirit, I figured why not indulge in some holiday romance books. Since I’m currently not able to live in the moment of having a holiday boo to snuggle by the fire, swap sappy gifts, or cuddle and argue about what netflix series to watch next, why not just read books about having a holiday boo? One of the main purposes of a book is to escape reality right?! So I reached out the moderator of the book club I just joined for the best holiday romance book suggestion, since I know she is a romance novel guru, and she tells me I have to read A Very Merry Romance. 

This book starts out with a married couple, Johnathan and Marilyn Madaris, who are getting ready for their annual holiday gathering with their family. While holiday preparations are happening, the couple decides to reminisce on how everything began between them and how they almost didn’t make it to where they are present day. See Johnathan being a school principal at the time they met, fell hard for the new eye catching, breathtaking teacher Marilyn the moment she walked in his office making him regret the non-fraternization policy at the school. Like most men though, he doesn’t let that stop him from getting the woman he wants. He comes up with a master plan to have her transferred to another school in order for him to pursue her. On a whim, Marilyn finds out Johnathan is behind her transfer and has to decide what she is going to do about it. Will it be confrontation? Will it be revenge? You gotta read the book to find out. 

Let me tell you how this story gave me romance life!!! It was very relative for me because Marilyn was so headstrong and watched how her family treated women and didn’t want to be a victim of the same circumstances so she decided to leave men alone entirely. I too was raised around a bunch of guys and still are very VERY close to them so I see and hear a lot of what they do to women and it has very much caused my trust in men to be non existent so reading this very situation in a book made me feel like I wasn’t alone in that aspect. The fact that she broke through that barrier was everything to me. I felt like hmm maybe there is hope in this romance world for me.

Now Johnathan Madaris… that man there was definitely a charmer. The type of man any woman would dream about. All I had to read was cowboy and I had to wipe the drool off my shirt. The way the author had him speak to, speak about, and treat Marilyn was how every woman would want a man to be in her life.

Okay confession time…

 I listened to this book on audiobooks and whoever was the narrator had a smooth soothing voice so whenever he would say sweet things to Marilyn I would be cheesing so hard and blushing imagining he was talking to me. Even some of my coworkers were like dang we have never seen you smile so much. They know I would rather be doing my entrepreneurial endeavors instead of working in corporate America so I don’t smile much around them but that man with that voice had me gleaming from ear to ear. 

Anyway, if you are looking for a great holiday read with great romance and an intriguing story to back it up, then look no further. Get your hands on this holiday read.

Check it out here => <a href="A Very Merry Romance (Madaris Series Book 21)


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