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Every Little Step: Bobby Brown Memoir

3/5 stars

First let me start off by saying, when I decide to indulge in someone’s autobiography, memoir, or what have you, I always try to catch the audiobook version because it is something about hearing their life story in their voice that makes me more interested/invested. Listening to this book tho…….

I could have definitely done without it.It’s like I feel I probably would have given this book an extra star had I just read it myself and not suffered through Bobby Brown’s nariation. See, I’m just now getting into audiobooks and I’ve had a few people tell how they tend to stay away from them because some narrators ruin the entire book with how they read or the tone of their voice… I now see what they are talking about.

With the bad narration aside, the book was great. I have already seen the BET special on Bobby Brown’s life not knowing it was based on the book and it pretty much aligned with the stories from the series I had already seen. Of course the book went into more detail, which is not surprising because the book is always better right?! My heart was definitely heavy knowing that Bobby Brown went through so much trama in his life, but it also makes me proud of him because a lot of people don’t make it out of constant traumatic situations back to back like that. It was like his life was a pit of quicksand, suffering one loss after another loss after another. No wonder he had drug issues. 

But even with the traumatic experiences, I also have to say that I feel the story was kinda on the “I’m the victim not the bad guy” vibe meaning he could have taken more accountability for what was going on in his life. For instance, it’s a part in the book where he says that he guess we can say he has an anger problem but it’s because of who his family is and where he is from. The oldest excuse in the history books. Like sir, you have been a grown man for a while the family and town story is now a cop-out. It just seems to me that he had an excuse as to why things played out the way they did without him ever being the one to blame or at least being a part of the issue. However, the fact that he is still living and making the best of life after everything he experienced is definitely inspirational. 

All in all, great interesting story. I recommend that you physically read this book do not torture yourself with trying to listen to it. Link to the book below.

Every Little Step: Bobby Brown

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