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Alter Ego: My Journey Beyond Human Boundaries by Giuliano Golfieri

5/5 stars

Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would enjoy such a story based on historic events. Being someone who was not interested in any kind of history growing up, Alter Ego has changed my perception on historical fiction as well as science fiction books immensely.

 This amazing historic sci-fi story, beginning in the mid 1700s, takes us on an expedition of life through a man named Ariel who has a specific power, and with this power he is able to reconstruct the course of history specifically through the time of the French Revolution. Now I don’t know much about the French Revolution because again I slept through my history lessons, but this story has sparked my interest as the characters in this novel are based on actual people involved in the French Revolution. 

I highly enjoyed this novel because Giuliano Golfieri did a marvelous job at grabbing the reader’s suspense from the beginning and keeping a grip all the way to the end of the novel. This story gave me all the feels. I laughed with Ariel and his two best buds, Patu and Casanova, on their many adventures and escapades,  I felt the love Ariel had for others, I sympathized with Ariel when he took minor defeats, and even cried with Ariel when he took major losses. Golfieri’s writing has a way of really making you deeply connect with the feelings of the protagonist.  

 Originally printed in Italian now translated into English; I highly recommend this story to any and every one that loves a good science fiction read. Even if you aren’t into historic stories, you’re able to read past all historic events and still enjoy every bit of this novel. This will definitely be a reread for me after I do a little research on the French Revolution just to tie everything together and enjoy the story again on a deeper level.

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