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Reading Wrap up: Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Oh my gosh what a year in reading it has been. If you told me at the beginning of 2019 that I would be back into literature I would have laughed so hard at you and turned back to my current Love and Hip Hop saga I was tuned into at the time. However, thanks to my mom and an audiobooks offer I have let my passion resurface. 

I wrote quite a lot in my younger years. Like every time I was grounded I would either read or write during my allotted sentence of time. I was that weird kid that actually enjoyed writing sentences…yea don’t judge me. So when my mom found one of my many “books” I wrote when I was a young teen it wasn’t surprising to us at all. She then asked me if I still read and write and why I stopped and I couldn’t come up with no better answer than…..LIFE. I guess the mundane day to day trying to maintain distracted me from what I used to enjoy doing. 

I then decided to read a book I had been wanting to read for a while. “The Wait” by Devon Franklin and his lovely wife Megan Good. Although I felt this book was quite repetitive, I still enjoyed the lessons and advice they had to offer as well as the spiritual guidance. 

After I finished that gem, My iPhone must have picked up on my brainwaves; you know like when you are talking about something with someone and as soon as you pull up an app on your phone, there is an ad about what you talked about. I got an offer for a free audiobook no sign ups or strings attached and I decided to take advantage. That is when I decided to listen to “We’re Going To Need More Wine” by Gabrielle Union and that was the match that lit my literary fire. This story made me realize I had feelings again because going through life had transformed me into quite a cold hearted person. That book took me through many emotions and I then realized reading is way much better than sitting around watching reality tv all the time.  

I then began to get on the internet and research how I could read books for free from my phone. I came across our Metropolitan Library website and found out I could rent books from there as well as get an e-library card. I began writing in a journal again which has helped me with stress and anxiety in such an easy and humbling way. If you ever come into my room and see a notebook open and read at your own risk that’s all I’m going to say. 

I then get the idea of trying to get book recommendations from Youtube because that is my place to get recommendations for everything else in my life like hair products and hairstyles, but I wasn’t finding too many black women readers on there or people talking about books I would actually like to read. So I decided why not start a Youtube channel for the young women that are like me looking for someone to give them good book suggestions. 

Starting my Youtube channel then sparked my search on Instagram where I then found hundreds and hundreds of beautiful women of color like me who love to read and talk about books. Being on Instagram then introduced me to the lovely ladies of Paperbacks and Merlot Book Club which is hosted in my area that I am now a member. I am very proud of how far I have come from the beginning of the year to now. When I first decided I was going to read more often I kept my reading goal low because I felt like I couldn’t possibly achieve a big number just getting back into reading. Boy was I wrong. I am way over my goal and I’m continuously going.

I’m still getting into my reading and writing flow. I’m not exactly where I want to be but I do feel I am on the right track to getting there. I am over confident in setting my reading goal to 50 books for 2020 and plan on going above and beyond that just like I have this year. I am more than excited to see what adventures and experience Paperbacks and Merlot Bookclub will have to offer since this will be the first book club I’ve ever been in. I also plan to get more acquainted with my writing and possible publish something on amazon by the end of the year. Its a specific type of book I’m looking to read and im not finding it anywhere so I’m thinking I may be the person that needs to write it.

I heard one time in a motivational video that we lose our passion growing up because we are pressured by society, family, etc. to make a living so we focus on trying to find some type of employment, but there are a few people that are fortunate enough to have their passion resurface and once we begin to reconnect to that passion and gain clarity on our passion, we then must find out how we can incorporate that in our life and make a living from it. My plan in 2020 is to focus on coming up with a way to do just that.   

My reading journey was definitely a turning point in my life this year. It has opened my mind more now than it ever has before. I know 2020 will be even more amazing and life changing. There is so much I want to achieve and experience and I know there is a reason God has brought something that was so important to me back in my life. I can’t wait to see everything unfold. I wish you all well and will be doing reading journey updates frequently. Let me know about you reading journey below.

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