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Happy New Year!!!

Hello book friends!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year (and to show off this DOPE bookcase pic). Hope you all have your best year yet!!

I’ve got a few resolutions for the year. Mainly to lay off the procrastination and laziness and get sh*t done. Definitely plan on working on my self-discipline and focusing on success. Spending more time with family and friends and not being stuck in hermit mode all the time…. it’s a Virgo thing.

Lets not forget about feeding the brain. I have set my reading goal at 60. That’s at least 5 books a month. I believe I can go beyond that but thats the minimum requirement I’m forcing on myself. See that, self discipline at work already, HA!

Feel free to let me know below what ur reading goal for the year is and how u plan to achieve it!

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