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Boaz Brown by Michelle Stimpson

5/5 stars

Now I don’t pass judgement on anyone, believe in whatever you want to believe in. I have always been more of a spiritual person than a religious person.  I have always stood strong in my beliefs and love when others do too, even if it’s different from my beliefs, so reading books about how someone is maneuvering through life leaning strongly on their faith gives me great joy. 

Every since I read a faith inspired book in college, I can’t remember the title, I have been searching, searching, and SEARCHING for authors that write great stories about how everyday people are living a faith based life.

FINALLY, after years of searching for these types of books, Amazon’s book suggestions lead me right to what I have longed to read. Boaz Brown caught my eye and I am nothing short of amazed. I’m glad I chose this read to start the new year. 

This book tells the love story of LaShondra, who is black, and Stelson, who is white, and the internal as well as external battles LaShondra faces about race and relationships that hinders her from allowing someone outside of her race to love her. All she’s ever wanted is a man of God but she did not know that the man would be white. With her faith in God, LaShondra works through all the prejudices that comes with dating outside of her race, from deeply rooted family race issues, to friends, public environments as well as her own personal beliefs on the subject. 

This story took a big African American community taboo that is interracial dating and BODIED every aspect of it, breaking it down brick by brick until it is exposed like an open sore.

The conversations in this book were EVERYTHING!!!

Every time LaShondra had a conversation with anyone in the book, whether it be her girlfriends, one of her family members, or Stelson, it was a purpose and a lesson in it. All of the memories and experiences told hit home on so many levels because let’s face it, a bunch of people have their prejudices when it comes to other races due to either fear of not knowing or personal experiences, and this book brings up very common biases.

I loved how Stimpson incorporated stories from LaShondra’s childhood throughout the book to give us insight as to why she feels the way she does about race relations and how it affects her life.

And Stelson, man oh man was he just the perfect person to be hitched to! I love how patient he was with LaShondra and her battles she was trying to win all while being there to support her and love her like no one else has ever before. I don’t want to spoil too much of the story but I have to say how I love, Love, LOVE how in the story Stelson, being a man of God,  tells LaShondra that he screens his dates by the prayer he says to bless the food while on the date. After the prayer, he can tell by the woman’s reaction if she is worth his time. I think that is so dope and wish I had thought of it sooner. That is something I doubtlessly plan on incorporating in my dating life.

Stelson is the exact definition of what love is and his actions revealed exactly what love is supposed to be. This man was definitely strong is his faith and was not ashamed to express and present it. I Iove how he was an asset, being someone LaShonda could learn from and not being a burden in her life.

This was a great, well written story. I give it a 5/5 because it flows so well, the story was relatable, it kept my interest, and above all Stimpson showed how love is love and if one leans on their faith more than anything at all they can get through anything. I will definitely be reading more books by Michelle Stimpson in the future.  
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