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Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

4 out of 5 stars


I usually shy away from young adult books mainly because I feel like I’m at a different phase in my life so the stories just don’t hit my soul like they used to, but I’m a sucker for mystery, specifically psychological thrillers, so I decided to give “Monday’s Not Coming” a read. 

Not gonna lie, I kinda thought it would end up in the DNF pile but to my surprise, this story was very interesting.

“Monday’s Not Coming” is about a young girl named Claudia and her best friend Monday. Blood would not bring these girls any closer. Two peas in a pod. One summer, while visiting her grandmother, Claudia expects to hear from her best friend and she doesn’t. When she gets back to her hometown she realizes that no one has seen or spoke with Monday all summer. Claudia decides to embark on a quest to find out where her best friend is and why they haven’t been in contact. Through this quest, Claudia discovers all kinds of secrets about her best friend, her family, as well as secrets within herself.

I loved the different metaphors Jackson used in this book. Simple phrases that kept me laughing, made me contemplate, and that I could see myself using on a daily basis like: 

“Not everyone circles the same sun.”

 “You only get one shot at your kids so you better hit the bullseye.”

 “A smile spread across her face. Nasty like mustard.”

I also enjoyed how Jackson incorporated the effects of the crack epidemic in the DC area as well as the issue of gentrification and how it is affecting adults and children in the community.

The story had a great flow and the plot twist at the end was definitely not what I had expected. I believe this book is based on actual events that have happened. Once I got to the end I realized I’ve heard the story before but I won’t get into that as it may spoil the book. I’m sure you will recognize the story once you get to the end of the book as I did. 

This story would be great for a fast read between books or for those who love mystery stories. 

Check out “Monday’s Not Coming” here

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