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The Autobiography of Gucci Mane

5/5 stars

When I think of trap music and its origins the first person that undoubtedly cross my mind is Gucci Mane LaFlare. Yep, every since the first time I heard my speakers blare:

“All these girls excited
Oooo you know they like it
I’m so Icyyyyy
(So Icyyy)”

I knew I had a new found love for this fairly new genre of music. Finally music I can relate to that mirrors the environment I grew up around. Looking back it’s nothing to be entirely proud of but we can’t help who and where God placed us on this earth so we learn to embrace it and hopefully are blessed with the chance to grow up and learn from it just like Gucci Mane did in which he proclaims in his autobiography.

Starting from the beginning, being born and living in Alabama, Gucci walks us through who his parents were growing up and how he learned from them. He also goes into how he started getting into the street life and how he used to make money. He then takes us on his life journey of how he got into the music industry, how he got caught up in the legal system, as well as his drug addiction. 

I enjoyed how he broke down the personalities of his mother and father and what they were living through during his childhood to give a clear understanding of the environment he was around growing up. The story was very detailed in the sense of how he navigated his career through the way he was living. I loved how he would tell the story of a certain event that happened or something he was actually doing and then would quote the verse from a particular song that ties into that certain event or happening. This had me hyped because I’m a huge Gucci fan so I already knew most of the lyrics but to know the story behind those lyrics is so dope to me. 

The only thing I did not like is that with every time he brought up having a court date or a court case he didn’t go into detail about what happened that caused him to have to go to court. He would just mention a small bit but not tell what the case was actually about. I understand not wanting to go into detail and wanting it to be mainly about his career and how he got to where he is now, but me being the nosey woman I am, I need more detail.    

Other than that, the book was amazing. I listened on audiobooks but went ahead and bought the physical book. Any book good enough to finish in one day and not even notice you did until you were upset it ended is a book worth putting in your personal library.

Check out “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane” here


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