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The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth Ph.D

5/5 stars

When I first heard someone mention this book on a spiritual YouTube channel I didn’t think too much about it. I just knew I needed help with my financial lifestyle and the person talking about the book didn’t go into detail, but said if you want to change your relationship with money this book was required reading. Of course, me being stubborn, I brushed it off and kept going on with my life, but I kid you not, that same night I had a dream about the book. It was like my intuition was telling me to not only read this book (because she knows I’m a free library book advocate) but to actually purchase it. The next morning, I went ahead and made the purchase, and I will tell you that I am so thankful for that dream because this book was definitely a life changer for me.

The Energy of Money uses 12 principles to basically breakdown the reasoning behind our actions with money and how it coincides with how we act with every aspect in life. It speaks about why we overspend, scarcity mindset, and so much more relatable issues regarding money, then compares those same issues to other aspects of life like how we manage our time and how we treat others as well. This book even goes into detail about our thoughts process in regards to having and spending money. It accurately conveys every thought and actions we have when dealing with money and goes on to giving detailed techniques to combat the compulsive behaviors and thoughts.

I really enjoyed the fact that it gives solutions to every issue presented. There are many exercises throughout each principle that should be done in order to further understand what is being explained and to help us get familiar with the mindset shift this book causes. What I liked the most is that this book causes us to get to the root of our issue with money. It forces us to look in our past and reveal the ultimate underlining standing issue with money then has us forgive and release that issue in order to step into a better relationship with money.

This book has made me so conscious about my financial relationship. I now know the reasoning behind my overspending and how I can get away from it. I’ll be real with you, I used to be afraid to even look at my bank accounts because I knew that I either had a negative balance or a very low balance all from buying things I do not need, wear, or use. I swear my relationship with money was like a one night stand, there one day and gone the next!

Then the thought of balancing my checkbook was BEYOND ME. I would try time and time again but could never get it right so I would give up and just go back to spending, but now at this very moment, every bank account I have is balanced to the penny and I am so so so very proud of myself and so thankful for this book. I am no longer afraid to come face to face with my finances and say look, this is how things will be from now on. I am more aware and present with where my dollars go and I now contemplate my intention before spending any of my money. Outside of paying my bills of course because we all know the intentions behind that. I mean I gotta have lights, water, and a place to stay.

I know I have already said this but this book is definitely a life changer. Words can’t even express. However, I can attest that from now on when anyone around me says anything about having money problems I will refer them to The Energy of Money or if anyone asks to borrow money because they are low on money or living paycheck to paycheck I will refer them to The Energy of Money, I even wrote notes on a small notepad while reading this book and keep it in my bag so i can read over it often in order to always be reminded of the lessons I’ve learned from this gem. I usually read around 2 to 3 books at a time, but this book had my undivided attention.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to any and everybody from high school students, college students, and beyond. Even if you feel like you don’t have any money issues, this book has so much more to offer than that. Maybe it’s a time management issue for you, this book will open your eyes in all aspects of life.

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