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Erotic Stories For Punjabi Widows by Ballu Kaur Jaswal

4/5 stars

When I heard this book would be The Paperbacks and Merlot book club choice for February I was a little reluctant. Yes, I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, well in this case its title, but I am that person that is mostly drawn to a book by either the title or the cover and neither one hit an accord with me. Nevertheless, I had to remind myself as to why I joined a book club in the first place and that was mainly for the sisterhood and to be open to explore different books and genres and I’m happy to say with doing so I ran into this delightful story.

This book told the story about a modern woman named Nikki, a daughter of Indian immigrants, who lives in London and who is not really interested in her cultures traditions dealing with relationships and marriage so she opts for the “Western way” of living. She decides to move out of her childhood home, and being strapped for cash, impulsively decides to take on a “creative writing”  teaching job at the community center that is located right in the heart of the Punjabi community. 

To Nikki’s surprise, the Punjabi widows that show up to her class barely even speak English let alone knew how to write it and were actually expecting to learn basic English literacy. One day during class, a few of  the widows find an erotic book in Nikki’s belongings which sparked the widows to decide they want to tell these types of stories instead of learning basic English. As more and more women become interested in the class, the risk of being exposed to the “moral police” in the community and compromising everything they have worked on is heightened.

This story was kinda confusing for me starting out, although, I could possibly blame that on the fact that I opted to listen to the book instead of reading it. I think once I got past the accents and really got into the story I actually enjoyed it. The widows were hilarious. This story was a perfect mix of comedy, suspense and romance. I’ve always been interested in learning about other cultures, and I believe this book gave great insight into the Punjabi culture. Even though they have different concepts, a lot of the stuff in the book was relatable. 

I definitely recommend this good read, especially in audiobook form. 

Check out “Erotic Stories For Punjabi Widows” here

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