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February Reading Blues

Ah February, one of my favorite months of the year. The month where I can represent my culture unapologetically and watch others do the same. The month I can shine the brightest light on African American writers and the work of art they put together through words.

So of course this would be the month I hit a reading slump. 🙄

I mean, I was really REALLY looking forward to reading some good books written by black authors and to also get through some of the African American classics, but as soon as I would start a book it was like I was forcing myself to even think about picking the book up to read it. Now I dunno if it is because I have other things going on that I am trying to accomplish or if its pure burnout but I am over this feeling.

I started out with reading Heavy by Kiese Laymon. I did finish the book, but I didn’t like it enough to even write a review. It was hard for me to relate to all the hype that was around this book because, like the author, I grew up in a similar environment. So for me it was like, okay, this is a story I could tell a million times with just changing the person’s name. If I was actually reading the physical copy I probably wouldn’t have finished it.

Then I decided to try to read I Can’t Date Jesus by Michael Arceneaux and let’s just say, that was an epic fail. I mean, it was somewhat interesting and there were definitely some funny parts within the story, but I have to guess that my mood towards reading at the moment didn’t warrant the interest I needed to finish the book. It just wasn’t exciting enough for me to want to keep picking it up to read it. I did, however, finish about 50% so I plan on finishing it at some point this year because it did have some interesting parts within the story.

One book I did finish and enjoy is The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Although I wasn’t feeling the love for books, I did decide to audiobook this one, and it was a bunch of great points and statistics in this book. It definitely gave me a new perspective on the mass incarceration issue in the United States, and also made me realize the lack of acknowledgement in society and the fact that it is very rarely mentioned when it comes to politics. Very good book and highly recommended as required reading from an  African American author.

I also finished Exotic Stories For Punjabi Widows by Bali Kaur Jaswal and enjoyed it as well. It was my book club pick of the month so I kinda forced myself to listen to it, but i’m glad i did because it was really a great story mixed with humor, suspense, and romance. 

I tried to finish the month out with Assata Shakur’s Autobiography since it is black history month and she is a pioneer in the history. I thought that would be a great pick to finish the month out. Due to other business needing my attention, I have yet to finish that one, but I do plan on getting that story read. It had my attention at the very beginning opening with the incident that got Assata arrested and charged with murder, but once I got to the part of her childhood upbringing, the excitement fizzled and I haven’t delved back in it since then. 

I really hate that this feeling started during one of my favorite months of the year. I don’t know if I should blame the books I decided to read or the fact that I was just over reading at the moment. I do have a bunch of other things going on in my life that has demanded my undivided attention but now that I have those near complete I am starting to feel like I miss diving into a great book. I have started 2 books already and they both are very interesting and I plan to finish them. I will just have to see how it goes.

How do you know when you are hitting a reading slump? What do you do to combat the feeling? Please if you have any suggestions comment below. I would HIGHLY appreciate it. 

Heavy by Kiese Laymon
I Can’t Date Jesus by Michael Arceneaux
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Exotic Stories For Punjabi Widows by Bali Kaur Jaswal
Assata Shakur’s Autobiography


  1. Oh, reading slumps are hard, especially when you were excited for the reading. You just have to be kind to yourself and let it pass, or you end up hating everything you read! I have seen people say that audiobooks can really help, so I think you’re on the right track there. Otherwise I tend to read something I know really well and know is undemanding, like a favourite book from childhood or something.

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