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I’ve Been Preparing For This My Whole Life~ Quarantine Chronicle


Yes I know some may wonder how could I express joy in a time where it seems as though everything is falling apart. How could I continue to have a smile on my face when this Coronavirus pandemic is taking place? I’ll tell you….


Thanks to my God-given introverted ways, I’m already accustomed to staying home and doing things around the house. I rarely went out before this virus existed and don’t really plan on changing the routine once it just magically disappears. Social distancing has always been a part of my everyday life as well so that was nothing new for me. The only people I have ever felt comfortable with getting really close to are my child and my significant other so now that it is mandatory for everyone to stay away you can imagine I jumped for joy internally. I no longer feel as though I’m being rude when I tell someone they are too close.

I’m also thankful that everyone is now starting to realize how important personal hygiene is. You don’t even want to know how many times I have seen people walk out of public restrooms without washing their hands. I won’t even speak on the many times I used to see uncovered coughing and sneezing everywhere. But now, we all aren’t only doing it, we are openly reminding others to think about our safety and to do the same. I mean, when we first heard about the virus in my city, dang near every big business closed for extensive cleaning. Malls, restaurants, even Walmart closed earlier so they can clean for the next day. To be honest, it’s crazy to me that we have gone this long without deep cleaning and sanitation being mandatory at least once a quarter if not once a month. 

It’s like it’s a sign from the Divine saying okay it’s time to focus on the important things in life instead of money. 

Another thing I’m thankful for is the time allotted to us due to having to self quarantine in the house. Yes, it is very sad how all these businesses are closing and some people don’t know how they will earn money to take care of bills, but the positive is that you now have the time to manifest your dreams. Go within and meditate. Catch up on that reading list you never had time to get to. What is your dream career? What is it that you have been wanting to do that you feel like you never have time to do? Want to start a YouTube channel? Want to write a book? Want to remodel/ paint your home? Wish you had more time to spend with your children? Here is your chance to use this time to get ahead. You now have time to focus on you and yours. Be productive FOR YOU instead of doing duties for whoever signs your paycheck. 

I say all of this to say that we will all get through this as we have with everything else in history. Don’t fall into the spread of fear and panic. Stay cautious, stay safe,stay positive, and most importantly show gratitude through everything. 

Praying for the world always❤️

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