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A Bookzilla Review: Light Is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell

I’m the type of person who is headstrong about not regretting my past and a strong believer in your past is what makes you who you are today so I rarely say things like,”Oh I wish I would have had…” or “Oh I should’ve done…” 

However I have to say…

Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell is the guidebook I wish my younger self had.   

The book is broken down into 5 parts: Losing Everything and Finding Myself, Turn Your Light On, Work Your Light, Living In Your Light, and Be The Light. She begins with the story of how she hit what she considered for herself to be rock bottom and how that cracked her wide open to her awakening and acknowledging her light. She then goes on to give detailed advice on how to navigate through our own awakening with relatable examples throughout the rest of the book.

 Reading the author’s story of how she transitioned out of the mental matrix and into the love and light being she is very much reminded me of how I came to my own awakening. What was really crazy to me was the story she tells at the beginning of the “Turn your light on” section referring to a past life regression session she had where she felt like she was at a Beyoncé or Lady Gaga concert and there were balls of energies buzzing around with anticipation. I instantly remembered the few times I’ve had that same vision during meditation or waking out of my sleep. My visions were exactly how she explained it and she even says in the book. “You were probably there too…” I knew then that this was the book I needed to be reading. 

It is a very walk in and own your power type of book. Encouraging us to go within and listen to our intuition to find the answers we search for through other vices like partying, family, friends, etc. I felt so spiritually full and motivated when I finished this book. It is absolutely a great read and I plan on putting this book on my yearly reread list. 

Check out “Light Is The New Black” here

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