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BOOKZILLA REVIEW: Limitless by Jim Kwik


Just when I thought there was no way to improve my memory and that I would never be able to retain information as well as I did in my younger years, I was guided to the genius that is Jim Kwik. I didn’t know this author until he appeared on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast. I was fascinated by his life story and how he loves to teach people how to learn so I decided to purchase his book “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life.”

The book is split up into 4 parts which are, Free Your Mind, Limitless Mindset: The What, Limitless Motivation: The Why, and Limitless Methods: The How. Through each section, Kwik teaches us how to get rid of our old mindset and habits and transition into a better way of thinking , analyzing, and believing. Now I can’t lie to yall, the beginning did almost lose my interest because it goes in depth on how the brain works and its a bunch of scientific jargon that I could care less to comprehend, but I understand why it was needed to lay the foundation of what the book was leading into. I can say he does a great job in explaining it in a simplified way for us to comprehend tho. Once I got past the brain science part it was all wide eyes and amazement.

 With his catchy abbreviations like M.O.M. (motivation, observation, and methods)  and F.A.S.T.E.R.( forget, act, state, teach, enter, review,) for example, Kwik teaches us how to truly become limitless in fun and intriguing ways. Not only are you getting these lovely gems throughout his book, but he also gives you access to a resources link where you can visually see him teaching the methods as well as referencing his podcast where he has a series of audio on each important method. So, if you’re a visual or auditory learner you have the option of referencing those for a clearer understanding. 

I absolutely loved the learning techniques given in this book. THEY REALLY WORK!!!! I mean, I wish there was a way to explain the amount of gratitude I have for Jim Kwik and his wanting to share his genius with the world. I’ve always felt like there was something wrong with me because I haven’t been able to retain information in years. Someone would tell me something and an hour later I would forget. Don’t let it be something important I really had to remember because I would fail every time. I felt really insecure about this because when I was younger I felt my memory was one of my best assets. Kwik has made me realize there isn’t anything wrong with my brain. I just wasn’t using it like I was before. I needed to realize that my brain is a muscle, and just like any other area in my body, if I wanted it to be strong I had to train it. 

These aren’t hard brain busting techniques either. With the simple technique of using my finger while reading, my speed has increased so I get through my books much faster. My focus has also increased IMMENSELY just by brushing my teeth with my non dominant hand in the morning and listening to Baroque music while I work. It has actually motivated me to get back into writing and posting more content because I am able to focus and actually finish in one sitting WITHOUT DISTRACTION!!! Plus my son now calls me Queen because he hears the music I listen to while working and he says its music for royals…HA!!! I can’t express how much this book has changed my life as well as my son’s life.  I started teaching my son the techniques while I was reading the book because he has a hard time with spelling and vocabulary, and when I got to the end of the book there was a link to how to teach the techniques to children. My son is now doing so much better with his school work and actually believes learning is fun now.


Check out “LIMITLESS” here

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