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Bookzilla Review: The Queen V by Dr. Jackie Walters


I know I wrote that in my previous post anticipating this book, but I just love that theme song so I am going to write it with a smile every chance I get. I love literature that I can learn from and I love me some married to medicine (Atlanta only), so it is no secret I was excited about this book release and pleased to know that it did not disappoint at all. 

One would think writing a book about a woman’s intimate area would either be too scientific to the point where we would lose interest or it would be too explicit to where we would be uncomfortable or ready to get into some sexual encounters, but this book was totally different. It is broken down in a way that women in all age ranges can relate to. She goes through 12 principles using experience categories called “vaginal personalities” throughout the book so that everyone is comfortable, understands, and can relate to the subject she is focused on in each chapter. With the personalities called the Virgin Mary, the Sanctified Snatch, the Mary Jane, the Coochie-Chondriac, and the Notorious V.A.G., Dr. Jackie takes us on an in depth educational ride on how to care for the most intimate part of our bodies. 

Masking names with personality types, Dr. Jackie reveals captivating stories of her experiences with some of her clients and how we all can learn from these experiences. I mean, some of the stories gone have yall like…. she did what?!?! I had to question my own experience level after reading some of her stories. They were all entertaining and all taught a lesson in some form or fashion. Dr. Jackie lays out the full education law by touching on every subject imaginable from shape, size, lumps, bumps, hygiene, sex, libido, to infertility, and so much more in a fun and entertaining way.

I loved the way Dr. Jackie wrote this book like she is talking to a close friend. There wasn’t any area in the book where I felt uncomfortable or cringy or felt like it was too much to take in. Truthfully, I caught myself laughing out loud or talking to the book like we were really having a conversation because of the dialect.

I have an amazing and open relationship with my doctor due to having a cervical cancer scare when I was 17 so I believe I fit in the category of the Notorious V.A.G. Therefore, most of the information given I already knew and conversed about often with my doctor, but there were still a few things I learned from reading this book and it was pleasant reading the similar stories of others that I related to as well as the stories I couldn’t relate to. 

This book would be excellent for anyone that wants detailed information about our magical flower below, anyone inexperienced or not comfortable with themselves in the vaginal area, as well as young ladies who are transitioning into womanhood. Definitely a 5 star educational read.

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