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Bookzilla Review: The Shack by William P. Young

Before I start, I want to first say, DO NOT BE OVER THERE JUDGING ME!!!  Yes I know I’m late to the party. What’s new? Better late than never right?!

I had so many people out in public interrupting my reading to rant and rave about this story and how they insist I watch the movie. I supposed I can’t be too irritated about it because had I known about this book gem I would have been one of the millions of people ranting and raving about it as well. I’m just going to say that this book recommendation came to me at the exact time it needed to because back when The Shack was first released, I was not in tune consciously as I am now so it wouldn’t have penetrated as deeply as it did. 

This book starts with its focus on a man named Mackenzie and how he carries around a great sadness within him. The book further explains that this sadness stems from an unfortunate event that took place during a family vacation. Mackenzie’s daughter was abducted by a serial killer and each member of Mackenzie’s family is dealing with it in their own way. The book goes on to tell the story of how through the assistance of the Holy Trinity, Mackenzie is able to get through some deep healing, visit with his daughter again, and come up with solutions to help him and his family deal with the loss of his daughter. 

It was so amazing and brave of the author to know how people perceive God as an out of body in the sky ideal and still go against the grain to tell a story on how God is in fact an internal concept. Young does a great job going into detail on how Mackenzie goes within and works on each aspect in life he needs to confront and heal in order to progress all while deeply explaining the real meaning of God’s love and mercy during difficult times. It’s funny because at the beginning of the story it says, “There is something joyful about storms that interrupt routine”. I knew then that things were about to get deep. 

The Shack is definitely a book for those with an open mind when it comes to religion and spirituality. I related so heavily with everything that was written in this book. It describes the exact relationship I have within myself and how I am spiritually. I don’t believe I’ve ever made so many highlights and markings in a book in my entire life.  Not even in college. I definitely plan to read it again. I also decided to get William P. Young’s book titled Eve. It is supposed to be similar to The Shack but dives deeper into the origin of the human race. I’m excited to see how I feel about that one. 

Have you read The Shack or seen the movie? Comment below let me know the thoughts and feelings you had about it. 

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