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Failure is the Reason God Made Mercy

I’ll begin by speaking my truth. One morning during my prayer time I asked my Heavenly Father to show me how I can get my fitness back in order because I have been slacking a bunch lately. I can’t tell if it’s from spiritual attacks or just plain laziness so of course I needed His guidance. A little while after that pray I opened my bible and there was Daniel chapter one explaining how he asked King Nebekenezar’s guard if he could only eat veggies and drink water for 10 days, so of course, I seen this as a sign that the Lord was telling me I need to do the Daniel Fast for ten days. Instead of taking my time to research in depth and prepare, I decided to just start and research as time passes. I had not realized the amount of cooking involved. 

Bad mistake. 

I barely made it a few days before I mistakenly ate something processed with sugars in it without paying attention. The Holy Spirit, being the godly guidance He is, quickly brought it to my attention that I should not have been eating that and I had just failed.


I started feeling so bad. I was feeling like I had failed to keep my word. I mean really feeling like the Lord was gonna turn His back on me for letting Him down. I begin to pray and repent. I had to ask for forgiveness for falling short, not being prepared, and not being as serious as I should have been about it. And like the tech savvy millennial I am, I decided to google what will happen if someone broke their fast early expecting the search engine to tell me I’m goin straight to Sheol. But nope, all the websites that accumulated were articles about God’s grace and mercy. 

That’s when I felt a download from the Holy Spirit letting me know there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus because He has set us free from sin and death and that as long as I seek God and ask Almighty for mercy and I’m pure and upright about it, then he will move on my behalf and restore me.  I have to keep in mind that as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him because he knows what we are made of. As always, the Lord always comes through with several forms of confirmation. That same night I had a dream where someone asked me to sing them a song so I started singing the word Mercy repeatedly and it sounded so beautiful like an angelic choir was singing with me and I had never heard a song like it. I woke up feeling like all the shame I was feeling before was straight from the enemy and that I was okay in my heavenly Father’s eyes.

We must remember there is an important stipulation to being blessed with His mercy. In order to receive it we must give it to others. I’m not gonna lie and say that is something I don’t struggle with because I do. I mean your girl used to hold a grudge and act like you never existed on earth,

but now knowing how easy it is to disappoint my Heavenly Father and yet He grants me mercy every time as long as I am doing so for others, I definitely will be working on that aspect of life. I know His grace and remembering this incident will empower me to do so. I would never want the Almighty holding a grudge against me. 

I also realize that it will be by the Lord’s grace that I will attempt the Daniel fast in the future and succeed. I know now that fasting is not something I should just jump into and that knowledge and preparation is very important. I pray this helps anyone out there who has had a similar experience and needs comfort. 

CSB Scripture references:
Romans 8:1
Job 8:5-6
Psalms 103:12-14
Matthew 18:33

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