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Bookzilla review: worthy BY SHANNON EVETTE

Shannon Evette has been such an inspiration ever since I started watching her Youtube channel. It was her Worthy Wednesday videos that initially caught my eye. In these weekly videos, released on Wednesday, Shannon chooses a subject in which she speaks life into us by reminding us that we are worthy of whatever subject she is guided by the Holy Spirit to speak about for the week. So, of course, I hopped on the chance to read her “Worthy” book because I found myself looking forward to what would be shared every Wednesday. I just knew this book would be full of gems. I was so right because this book did not disappoint. 

In “Worthy”, Shannon starts with explaining the importance of our self esteem and how low self esteem is equal to unholiness. She then takes us through a few key aspects she feels are important in the making of our self-esteem and self worth. She goes through each aspect and thoroughly explains how we have used them against our advantage and how we can pivot into using them in the way our Heavenly Father intended us to use them. Starting each key with the letter C is also a bonus for helping us remember them and their importance.

Shannon goes through the key of Courage and how whatever you think about yourself matters, rejection, and how courage defeats resistance in the mind. Then there is Choice where she explains how everything in life is a choice, how those decisions are between us and God, surrendering the need to control our life, and choosing to be happy. In the key of Connection, Shannon dives into how we attract who we are and how relationships are our teachers that can reveal things we try to hide. She explains Compassion and how we love others as much as we love ourselves and that we can’t offer what we don’t possess. I feel the need to say that I did not like the Guillaune Musso quote she used in this key saying we are our own refuge. Had me looking like…….

However, Shannon did gracefully clear up the quote by stating that God is our TRUE refuge and that Jesus is our Savior and the Holy Spirit is our guide. She finishes the book off by going in depth on the keys of Clarity, Character, Called, being Complete. Going in depth so much so that it is too much to even try to put in one post. It’s just so much knowledge and wisdom she gives in each key I believe everyone should be exposed to.

I highly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I was mentally engaged the whole time I was reading this book. I feel as though every single sentence in the book is of importance and just spoke to my spirit. There is something in the way Shannon is able to articulate exactly what our spirit needs to hear. I love how she dives deep in the case of self worth and not only explains how we block ourselves from our blessings in each key aspect, but also gives us motivational ways to excel in these aspects through the Word of God all while explaining in a loving and compassionate way. Her dialect and words are truly anointed. This book is definitely one I will always reference back to. 

Check out “Worthy” by Shannon Evette here

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