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Bookzilla review: uninvited by lysa terkeurst

Ever been in a room full of people yet felt like you were alone? Ever felt rejected or unloved because you weren’t invited to a certain event or function? Or have you ever been overwhelmed with negative assumptions flooding your mind about what other people think about you? Then Uninvited written by Lysa TerKeurst is the perfect book for you to crack open. This book was written to debunk and release you from those oppressive feelings through the knowledge and promises of our Heavenly Father.

In Uninvited, Lysa goes through a number of stories we all are able to relate to in regards to relationships with others as well as how we treat ourselves. From overthinking assumptions of what others think about her, watching what she is comparing her life to, to trust issues and being afraid of new relationships, and much more, Lysa explains how these issues negatively impacted her life in the past and how having identity in Christ Jesus and believing in His word indicates we are set free from all of the mental anguish at hand. 

I loved how Lysa gave us bible scriptures to support her claim of  how being rooted in God takes away any and all feelings of rejection in every situation we are in as well as how being rooted in God doesn’t take our obstacles away; we just aren’t affected by them. I also enjoyed the many affirmations in the book that I was able to write down and am able to reference when I need to. My favorite affirmation being:

I bring the fullness of God into the room with me therefore I am on assignment to being His love and acceptance into this place

This affirmation referenced the part of the book where Lysa explains the feeling of being in a room full of people yet feeling alone or out of place and just ready to leave after a short amount of time. I know that feeling oh so well, but now after reading this book, I know I have the confidence to be okay with being in that type of environment. The prayers towards the end of the book were an extra bonus for me as well. 

Although the book started out with a great amount of dry humor and had a few corny parts along the book, I could still relate to every story told and I am so happy that Lysa broke down how being close to God and reflecting on God’s word releases us from all these oppressive thoughts and feelings allowing us to be free in a multitude of situations. Just an amazing book that I would highly recommend to everyone. 

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