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bookzilla review: keep it shut by karen ehman

As of late, I have been really focused on the power of words and the effects they have on others. Confidently I must say that it is because speaking is an area I seem to struggle with when it comes to consistently being positive. To make matters worse, I rarely have a rebuttal when others around me speak in a negative manner. This is something God is convicting me about so I’ve been searching for resources to help with my journey of turning my worldly speech into God pleasing speech. On the google quest to find assistance in this deliverance I stumbled across Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman. It displayed a pretty good rating on GoodReads so I figured I’d give it a chance.

It was a wise choice.

In Keep It Shut, Ehman gives in depth guidance on taming the tongue. She delivers great advice on combating people pleasing, how to respond to others, ridding yourself of the gossip spirit, and so much more. With biblically based advice such as praying before sharing, saying what pleases God and not what is pleasing to others, watching the company you keep and many more gems, Ehman proves she is an expert on knowing what is to be a person who speaks wisdom and loving instruction. 

I loved how she included bible verses throughout her book which gives us confirmation that it’s not only her advice but biblical guidance. What I loved the most were her comical stories that we all can relate to about the ways in which she’s learned from her past verbal mistakes. We have all said things we wish to take back or have been a part of gossip in some form. Ehman being so vulnerable to tell her story to coincide with the biblical advice she was giving really drew me in. I chose to listen to this book. I feel it is a bad idea if you are interested in reading it because the voice is very monotone. 

However, once I got past listening to the voice and actually paying attention to the content I was beyond impressed. I consistently had to rewind to take notes. This is definitely a book I will be purchasing so that I will be able to have any information I didn’t get a chance to note as well as be able to reference as I embark on this journey of changing my dialog.

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