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Oh snap 2021 is finally here!!!! By the grace and mercy of God we can say we made it folks.

Although it may seem like things aren’t changing as of yet, I can guarantee its lingering in the air and I’m sure we are all here for a positive shift right about now. That’s why today I wanted to give you my thoughts on a book that I believe could cause a major shift positively when it comes to dating and relationships going into the new year.

Have you ever felt like you have been a loser when it came to the relationship aspect of life? Ever wondered what is going wrong or why you keep getting into the same type of relationship cycle that usually ends in disaster? Well, I’m here to tell you God has blessed us with this book titled Love Junkies, written by Christy Johnson, that gives us a huge amount of clarity on spousal relationships and so much more.

In Love Junkies, Johnson details her experience of going through a toxic failed marriage and how she relied on God and His word not only to heal but to come back and succeed in a healthy relationship. She walks us through the time in her life when she was addicted to the feeling of being in a new relationship, learning to love herself through Christ, and so much more. Johnson biblically goes into detail on various aspects such as embracing the habit of identity, releasing the hurts in our life through forgiveness, embracing our imagination, the effects of prayer, resolve or adding divine revelation to our human strength, being accountable, and surrendering our will to God. Through these various aspects, she provides us with ways to break the toxic love cycle we get ourselves into and gives us revelation on how to correctly view being in a relationship the way God intends us to.

I love how vulnerable Johnson was throughout the whole book; Never shying away from her inquities but revealing them all so that we can get the full intent of what she has learned and how we too can learn from her mistakes. It is so important for me to read books that are authentic and relatable and puts God’s word into perspective with the situations I am able to correlate with so that I know what to reference if I’m ever in that same position again. This book was far from a disappointment. The gems, diamonds, and rubies given in Love Junkies have made me look at myself on a deeper level as far as my actions when I am in a relationship or in the dating process in addition to making my focus even stronger towards allowing God to be the leader in that aspect of my life. I highly recommend this book for any and all single women. I already have it on my reread list this year. 5 star rating for sure. 

Seeing the problem is only the first step to healing. No matter how badly others want our freedom, we have to want it. We have to desire freedom. We have to saturate ourselves in the promise of freedom and leave our problems behind.


Check out “Love Junkies” here

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