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Bookzilla Review: Relational Intelligence by Dharius Daniels

First, I want to say the new Clubhouse app has been a Godsend for me. The life changing rooms I have attended have definitely had a major impact on how I self evaluate. Most of the information I receive is more valuable than what I get on my weekly trip to church. If it wasn’t for that app I wouldn’t know about the great book that is Relational Intelligence.

The room I was in at the time that this book suggested was titled Let It Go and one of the hosts gave a really good speech about letting unnecessary relationships go. A bunch of the information she was giving was relatable as far as having unequally yoked friendships due to now living in Christ so when she mentioned that everyone should read Relational Intelligence, I felt like I had to read it. Especially if it was going to have as much valuable information as she was giving to the audience. 

Relational Intelligence, written by Dharius Daniels, centers around his in-depth knowledge of there not being such a thing as casual relationships. Daniels uses this book to educate readers on how to assess, define, discern, align, then finally activate their relationships in order to unlock the greatest potential they can have. He provides thorough information in regards to the fact that there is no such thing as a casual relationship and how every relationship in our life either pushes us towards our God-given purpose or plays a role in keeping us from that purpose. 
I loved how Daniels broke down how every aspect of our lives are greatly impacted by who we let be a part of our lives and what position we allow them to play in our lives. I highly enjoyed how the book flowed from the individual parts of the book to the different categories of relationships we all have in our lives. This book is so full of valuable information. I listened to it twice and I plan on purchasing it just to have in my collection. Relational Intelligence is definitely the guide you need to use in order to get smart about the purpose of each relationship in your life.


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