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God Inspired Delay: The Possible Reason for The Layovers In Your Life

I am more than certain that you know about and have experienced the different kinds of layovers in our life. Perhaps you have been excited about a vacation and headed to the airport with a smile on your face just to find out that your flight delay will be a couple hours which ultimately collides with your connecting flight agenda. 

Or maybe you had your tasks of the day planned down to the minute, and one of the tasks was to pick up groceries but you received an email at your pick up time stating that your order wasn’t quite ready yet.

Irritating right?

I know how easy it is  to blame the devil for the layover in your life. You don’t know what spirit is messing with you so you start going down the list of them praying, binding, and rebuking. But what if I told you some of those delays weren’t from the enemy? How would you feel if I said that some setbacks are really God inspired delays? Let me give you an example.

Last weekend I went to see Lecrae perform in Dallas which is a three hour drive for me. I thought it was an outdoor concert and I saw rain was on the forecast a few days before, so, I began to pray days in advance and ask God to hold the rain because I hate driving in it and I didn’t want anything to be messed up for the concert. You can imagine how hurt my heart was seeing that it really might rain on my happy parade. 

All I could do was laugh because I even said, “I know if you stopped the water for Elijah Lord you will stop the water for me.”

Everything went great on the way to Dallas but on the day I was supposed to be going home I faced so many delays. I drove to a couple of restaurants for brunch and they both had over 1 hour wait times. A security officer suggested another restaurant that was a six minute walk away. Me and my friend who came with me walked to the restaurant and it was closed. We decided to just head home and just eat on the way and ended up getting stuck in traffic for over an hour.

I was frustrated to the max and wanted to scream. However, I never ran into any rain the whole entire time. As I got close to my home, I started to pray and bind any and every demonic spirit possible thinking I was dealing with spiritual warfare. As I turned into my neighborhood I saw that it was flooded and that’s when the Holy Spirit smacked me….

The delays I encountered throughout the day weren’t spiritual attacks from the enemy. Those were God inspired delays. He was answering my prayers and I didn’t even know it because I was too focused on being crabby and having a negative perspective instead of having a kingdom perspective. The Lord had the perfect set up for me to miss the rain and arrive home right at the time when there was not a drop falling from the sky. 

“This is what the LORD says: I will answer you in a time of favor, and I will help you in the day of salvation….”
Isaiah 49:8

I share this story to remind you that not all delays are orchestrated by the enemy. God may be delaying you in order to shield and protect you from storms that only He can see. When you encounter any layovers in your life just pray about it, keep a smile on your face, and trust that the Lord is making a way because it could be that He is just postponing your journey due to circumstances unforeseen by you. 

Remember ALL THINGS work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose, EVEN DELAYS!!!!


Be blessed and blessing ❤

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