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Bookzilla Review: Let The World See You — How To Be Real In A World Full Of Fakes By Sam Acho

As a person who has been newly transformed, it would be normal to say I have my struggles. I mean, still having to deal with the residue of the old me while trying to discover who the new me is can be tough. Everything I know and what I felt made me who I am is all tied to my old persona, so now that I have changed, have a whole new taste, and a new perspective on life, I have been having a hard time accepting this new woman God has planned for me to become. She’s unknown to me.

But, it was the book “Let the World See You — How To Be Real In A World Full Of Fakes” written by Sam Acho, that started a confidence in me that I know will live deep down throughout this lifetime. If you live in a bubble like I choose to for right now then you may not know who Sam Acho is. He is a former NFL player who is a loving husband, father, friend, and most importantly a devout Christian. 

In “Let The World See You” Acho details his struggles with various insecurities throughout his life and how He relied on his faith to overcome each insecurity. He goes in great detail about his childhood trauma of hiding himself due to bullying and how he conquered through that trauma in different situations like learning about his life changing injury, his relationship with his sports agent, making his college selection, negotiating his own contracts, meeting his wife, various relationships with other players, coaches, team owners and much more. 

What I love the most about this book is Acho’s dedication to living Christ-like through everything in his life. He gives great encouragement and motivation in every bit of this book with phrases like, “ Sometimes we need to be reminded, not of who we are but who we’re with” speaking on how God is always with us and explaining things like “Suffering is a part of our story, but not the end of our story”.

I was able to fully relate to having the anxiety about how I am perceived based on my looks or how people think I should feel or act and this book has opened my eyes to know that doing things, reacting, and responding in the way that God directs me to will get me farther than basing things on my own thoughts and perspectives. It has reassured me that it is okay to be who God has called me to be even if it is different from societal norms. 

Being obedient to God’s direction and letting the world see him do great things and be a great person opened so many doors for not only him but for others around him as well. This book has inspired me to live the way God intends me to unapologetically and without the concern of how others feel about it because in the end I will see the reward. 

The only thing I did not like about the book is how it was not as organized as I would have liked it to be. I am a stickler for order and the stories were not in order at all. It went from having billionaire meetings, to his injury story, his draft day story, to meeting his wife after already mentioning he had 4 kids. It was a little confusing jumping back and forth but it didn’t take away from the powerful impact each story had entailed. 

I am so thankful to have stumbled across this book during a time when I began to have anxiety about who I am becoming and the impact I want to have on the world while walking with Christ. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Click on the book below for more details.


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